Ethically Sourced

Ethically sourced timber in morisset

We respect the environment and international standards in relation to regrowth schemes. For the health of the planet, it is important to choose products made from ethically sourced timber that is quick growing or to salvage waste products, so they don’t end up in landfill. Our products are made from products that you can feel good about as they are acquired through lumber that is sustainably sourced, or through using waste materials that would otherwise be discarded.

All our Protim treated Meranti comes from the MTCC production of sawn timbers and moulding products and is engineered from offcuts materials that would normally be used in the furnace process of kiln drying timber before machining.
Ethically Sourced Timber— Timber Doors in Morisset, NSW
Two Windows — Timber Doors in Morisset, NSW
Tree preservation is one of the most important ways people and businesses can help sustain the natural environment. Not only do they provide natural protection against soil erosion and help to prevent runoff, but they also help absorb rainwater to prevent flooding and keep the natural environment in balance. Additionally, trees have a huge impact on the environment and the amount of carbon in the air. Not only do trees use carbon dioxide, but they also emit oxygen and reduce the overall levels of carbon in the atmosphere. More trees mean a reduced carbon footprint and cleaner, fresher air.

By choosing to obtain products from companies who use sustainable materials, you are helping to support the preservation of our natural resources. Not only do our materials prevent trees from being burned for no reason (and adding harmful smoke into the atmosphere in the process), but they also promote the use of tree species that can be regrown more quickly than others.

We are committed to providing consumers with wooden doors and window that they can feel good about, both in terms of the quality of our work, as well as in the quality of the materials we use to construct our products. Give us a call, and we will be happy to discuss how we’re making a difference.